What are the benefits of professional data cleansing?

What are the benefits of professional data cleansing?

In today’s business world, your customer and prospect data is a hugely valuable asset. It gives companies segmented, specialist information to deliver exactly what their customers and prospects require, or desire.

Big data is big news, and it can be your most powerful business tool. But what if it is disorganised, duplicated or outdated? It can cost you big time. Here’s why data cleansing is so important:

  1. Clean data radiates a more positive brand message

Ever received an email from a company, only for them to spell your name incorrectly? It unwittingly devalues a brand and makes it appear sloppy.

Or what if your customers move and you haven’t updated their address?

Tone is often misinterpreted in emails, so don’t put your recipients off by misspelling their name or valuable details.

Such mistakes can also make your customers feel devalued.

Things quickly get messy with a database of tens of thousands of entries. Big problem. Data cleansing allows companies keep on top of their data. Correctly formatted and spelled entries are far more useful and powerful. Updated addresses and contact details have obvious benefits.

  1. Maximises customer relationships

Clean data is efficient data. Send targeted offers and campaigns to the correct group, of people, and you will find yourself with a larger uptake, increased open and click rates, and ultimately more effective campaigns with a higher ROI.

Make your data work harder for you by cleaning it up today. Are your customers in the correct target groups?

  1. Saves your business money

As the old saying goes, “time is money”. That is not news.

But have you ever calculated the time it takes employees to cleanse your data? (And on a regular enough basis to be effective). It takes a LOT of time.

Don’t cleanse it? That’s even worse still. Uncleansed data wastes time through failed or delayed deliveries, spelling mistakes and/or outdated information. Leave it to the professionals for ultimate peace of mind.

  1. Reduces likelihood of complaints

Have you ever signed up to a mailing list for Christmas cards, only to get fed up in June with the Christmas card bombardment? You get the idea.

Make sure your lists are up to date and that clients are happy to be on the list for the specified reasons. Things change, accept that people may no longer be interested in your wares – or will not want contacting until a specific time.

It will ensure a happy database and prompt fewer complaints. Large lists of unhappy customers are useless in comparison to a smaller, updated, clean list of parties interested in your products and/or services. Another issue is deceased recipients: Each year, companies send millions of emails and letters to deceased clients or prospects. This leaves families distressed and understandably making complaints. Professionally cleansed data will avoid this unnecessary and unpleasant situation.


We hope you found this useful. Do you think data cleansing may be for you? Why not contact our professionals today for a chat about how we can help you. Pristine data is within your reach! Leave yourself with more time to do what you do best – run your empire!

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