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There is no more important aspect to your marketing list than data cleansing, and we are at the forefront of this process.

We understand what it takes to be a list broker, in fact during the early days that™s exactly what we where. For a large part of the first years we were in business we would broker marketing lists on behalf of our clients. The pit falls and disadvantages we faced during this time are still very much around today.

We never really felt valued as customers! More often than not it felt like we were unwanted guests at a party full of people who didn™t really understand us.

We don’t broker much data these days, in fact we find ourselves on the other side of the fence supplying and supporting many of the well known list brokers up and down the country. So instead of joining the ˜other side™ we have taken the step to really embrace our list broker clients and do our best to cater for their needs and offer support where other list owners don™t.

Please accept our invitation to sign up to our list broker corner. Once you complete the short form we give you complete access to a whole host of handy products and information. From postcode maps to unbranded rate cards this exclusive corner of our site will help you the list broker in ways never offered by another list owner.

We want you at our party!

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Satisfied Customers


“Accurate, intelligent marketing at its best.”


“The devil is in the detail! We use Targets Located because our clients need customers ready to buy not likely to buy. We need a list built from facts not guesswork, but mostly we need a supplier that recognises exactly what we want and delivers every time.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all the help we received to identify the right data for our business. Your response was always fast and efficient and we will certainly come back to you when we need more data.”


“The data provided by Targets Located has proven to be very successful for my clients. The response rates have been at least five times the industry average and this speaks volumes for the quality of the data.”