Data Cleansing

There is no more important aspect to your marketing list than data cleansing, and we are at the forefront of this process.

Bureau Services

Our comprehensive data services allow us to complete any data requirement making us a fully dependent data bureau. If you have a marketing project to get off the ground, or plan to make the most of your data, than it is most likely that our data bureau services can get you started.
Our data bureau services are flexible to any data requirement you may have, including cleansing, processing, enhancement and management.

Suppression Screening Tools

At Targets Located we have spent a great deal of our time developing systems and procedure that go towards creating the ideal mailing list. We can create for your company a totally specific database with all the contacts and peripheral information you have ever wanted from a marketing list.

Using such cleansing operations as the Telephone Preference List (TPS), Mail Preference Service (MPS) and the Gone Away Suppression file (GAS) our consumer marketing lists are as fresh as can be.

With over 6.4% of the population moving house every year it’s important that your message gets to the right person. Failure to do this doesn’t just make your company look un-professional and ‘amateur’, but it also wastes a phenomenal amount of your budget. Would you open Direct Mail addressed to some one else?!

Our system will identify any details that are incorrect and rectify them very quickly.

With the launch of our online count engine came the opportunity for our clients to cleanse their database online, 24 hours a day. To screen your database click here.

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Satisfied Customers


“Accurate, intelligent marketing at its best.”


“The devil is in the detail! We use Targets Located because our clients need customers ready to buy not likely to buy. We need a list built from facts not guesswork, but mostly we need a supplier that recognises exactly what we want and delivers every time.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all the help we received to identify the right data for our business. Your response was always fast and efficient and we will certainly come back to you when we need more data.”


“The data provided by Targets Located has proven to be very successful for my clients. The response rates have been at least five times the industry average and this speaks volumes for the quality of the data.”