Financial Data

UK credit file and bespoke financial data – A 3.5 million strong profiled database of sub-prime UK consumers, ideal for all aspects of the financial marketplace.

With regards to financial data we can deliver exactly what you are looking for. Not only do we supply targeted, non-conforming data to some of the largest financial companies in the UK, we can also analyze your customer databases through cleaning and pre and post campaign analysis. This, coupled with over 215 bespoke profiling tools designed by banking analysts, has enabled us to create an extremely accurate predictive model for targeting the non-conforming market.

Based on previous analysis, we have models built to target those with a high propensity (amongst others) for CCJ’s, arrears, multiple credit searches, multiple lines of credit and credit hungriness:

This is a comprehensive UK consumer file backed by highly profiled information for all Telemarketing, Mailing and Lead Generation work by any financially driven businesses.
Reduce telemarketing costs and increase profit margins with our exclusive sub prime loan declines.
With our lifestyle survey, we continue to generate fresh, comprehensive and highly targeted data.
An excellent opportunity to target all those customers that have applied for car finance.
A large file of companies with a negative net worth from our exclusive UK database.



Satisfied Customers


“Accurate, intelligent marketing at its best.”


“The devil is in the detail! We use Targets Located because our clients need customers ready to buy not likely to buy. We need a list built from facts not guesswork, but mostly we need a supplier that recognises exactly what we want and delivers every time.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all the help we received to identify the right data for our business. Your response was always fast and efficient and we will certainly come back to you when we need more data.”


“The data provided by Targets Located has proven to be very successful for my clients. The response rates have been at least five times the industry average and this speaks volumes for the quality of the data.”