Adverse Finance

Targets Located is at the forefront of financial marketing lists. Our master ‘sub prime’ is renowned as one of the highest-performing marketing lists available to any business looking to market financial products to UK consumers.

Using the latest CC credit scoring systems allows you to confidently target consumers currently experiencing problems with debt or having difficulty obtaining further credit. This database continually proves itself to perform for all manner of financial products including secured and unsecured loans, debt management and property buy-back schemes. With factual overlays of length of residency you can be assured that the consumer will even have the LTV to accommodate your finance solution.

Using our stringent data cleansing leaves you safe in the knowledge the you are contacting the person most likely to want or need your product or service.

We’ve developed an easy-to-understand consumer credit scoring system, rating our entire database in a system of 1 to 5:

High net worth individuals with assets and liquid funds available for savings and shareholdings. Typically older (including empty-nester) professionals and business owners, users of sophisticated savings and investment vehicles including offshore accounts and significant property portfolios..
Credit-worthy achievers in secure employment or self-employed, upwardly mobile who investigate mortgage-switching and savings. Credit users on zero percent deals and full balance payers. This segment contains a mix of ABC1 families and some empty-nesters with above average levels of disposable income and lower mortgage balances and credit commitments.
The ‘spend and earners’ looking to get to a stable bank balance and maybe repair previous minor credit issues, financially savvy yet using credit every day. Relatively affluent households, often with children, lower levels of disposable income and although stretched financially, show low levels of defaults, bankruptcies, voluntary agreements, etc..
Have overstretched themselves in the past and may have difficulty with outgoings, previous bills and financial arrangements. Tendency to use all credit available to them, would consider debt consolidation if the package was right. This category incorporates many credit card ‘revolvers’ and prospects for consolidation loan offers.
Financially challenged and in need of help, willing to agree higher rates of interest to be accepted for credit and debt consolidation, with a higher predominance of multiple CCJs. At the lower end of this segment there is a considerable proportion of individuals without bank accounts and very few with any form of savings or investments. Contains many within the DE social grades and large concentration within ethnic and immigrant communities, a segment that is currently not served by many traditional financial services providers and may represent a significant risk-based marketing opportunity.

Satisfied Customers


“Accurate, intelligent marketing at its best.”


“The devil is in the detail! We use Targets Located because our clients need customers ready to buy not likely to buy. We need a list built from facts not guesswork, but mostly we need a supplier that recognises exactly what we want and delivers every time.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all the help we received to identify the right data for our business. Your response was always fast and efficient and we will certainly come back to you when we need more data.”


“The data provided by Targets Located has proven to be very successful for my clients. The response rates have been at least five times the industry average and this speaks volumes for the quality of the data.”