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Targets Located has 300+ lifestyle variables, which, once applied to the 43 million consumers in the UK, results in an industry renowned-product called POPULACE.

Generated via national lifestyle surveys our websites and mailing surveys capture the opinions and interests of thousands of consumers everyday.

Whether you are looking to target individuals or households with your products and services, We can pinpoint your market segment with a wide range of data specifically targeted for your campaign.

As your list provider we will do everything in our power to assure your marketing campaign is as effective as possible, We will not provide somebody within your industry sector the same consumer for a minimum period of three months! This goes a long way to ensure your message is not lost and arrives on the door step of people most likely to react positively to your communication.

If you are unable to obtain the data you require because you cannot seem to source it, or you simply cannot rely on the information contained in the database being accurate or up-to-date, then talk to us!


One of the few highly targeted UK marketing lists available to count and purchase online!

Populace encompasses over 300 variables across 43 million UK consumers. The database is utilized across many industry sectors and generates a fantastic ROI for our ever growing diverse client base. With selection criteria including factual, transactional and lifestyle indicators this diverse database has revolutionized direct marketing.

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Take a look at our top 5 best performing (and best selling!) Consumer Lists this month.

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Due to the vast number of selections available when using our Consumer marketing lists we are able to tailor make marketing lists for thousands of products and services. We work with a large number of industry sectors including: Automotive, Charity, Retail, Mobility and Investment so our catalogue will show preset profiles currently being used and are getting results from there respective sector.

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Satisfied Customers


“Accurate, intelligent marketing at its best.”


“The devil is in the detail! We use Targets Located because our clients need customers ready to buy not likely to buy. We need a list built from facts not guesswork, but mostly we need a supplier that recognises exactly what we want and delivers every time.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all the help we received to identify the right data for our business. Your response was always fast and efficient and we will certainly come back to you when we need more data.”


“The data provided by Targets Located has proven to be very successful for my clients. The response rates have been at least five times the industry average and this speaks volumes for the quality of the data.”