Why is British best when it comes to outsourcing your lead generation?

Why is British best when it comes to outsourcing your lead generation?

Lead generation is central to the majority of businesses. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C organisation, the requirement remains the same: Revenue must be brought in, in order to prosper.
Sales are the primary – and often most efficient – means of pulling in this income. Lead generation includes a combination of services including direct marketing lists and consumer direct marketing.
For many businesses, these services are often outsourced. Direct marketing lists provide a wealth of potential leads for companies to contact, but they are often time-consuming to attain, and make the lead generation process very long.

Why is outsourcing my lead generation beneficial?

You simply save masses of resources, leaving you with more time to focus on running your business.
Lead generation and direct marketing specialists are pre-trained professionals. You don’t have to waste time and money getting them to expert level, they don’t need a desk space, nor a company computer, phone etc.
Outsourcing your lead generation is a neat and simple way to ‘box off’ said lead generation without having to spend fortunes on the hidden costs of in-house training and facilitation.
When it comes to direct marketing lists, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have a quality list, free of dupes, dead email addresses and outdated information. You can hit the ground running and really see the sales roll in thick and fast.

Why is it better to outsource my lead generation within the UK?

There are many reasons why you should consider a UK- based company to take care of your lead generation, direct marketing lists and consumer direct marketing needs. However the main reasons are:

  1.  Shared time zone – When something goes wrong, or if you’d like to track progress, it can be difficult when you’re on different time zones. Some overseas lead generation companies work on UK time, however you are likely left with a weary workforce.
  2.  Guaranteed accountable professionalism – All of our lead generation experts are the finest in the industry. You can account for them by name, or even visit the headquarters to meet them for yourself, should you wish. This is either not possible – or a massively expensive journey – if outsourced overseas.
  3.  First language benefits – A language barrier can sometimes be tough when selling certain goods and/or services. Many English words take on multiple meanings or sound different on paper compared to when spoken, which can be difficult in a high-pressure lead generation situation. ‘Thinking time’, stumbling or mispronunciation can detract from the professional demeanour of an organisation.
  4.  Superior line quality – To be on the cusp of a sale, only for a crackling line to annoy the lead to the point of giving up. It’s a familiar story with international lines. Having a UK- based lead generation service means crystal clear quality, so experts can concentrate on getting the leads – not fixing a broken telephone line!
  5.  You get what you pay for with lead generation: Good lead generation isn’t cheap, and cheap lead generation isn’t good. Why not invest in UK-based lead generation today?

If you have any questions on lead generation, direct marketing lists or consumer direct marketing, why not get in touch with Targets Located today?

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