5 Questions you need to ask your list provider!

5 Questions you need to ask your list provider!

We have all been there. Approached form a source via linked-in that wants to sell a full database of 100 million records for £65 (inclusive of VAT of course!!) Ok so I may have exaggerated slightly but there are some key questions any data buyer can ask to try and weed out the unscrupulous data sharks that blight some corners of our industry!


  • How often is the data updated?
    Business and consumer data degradation happens at an alarming rate our own findings have shown that as much as 40% of contact information becomes un-contactable in a 12 month period. Contacting a list that hasn’t been regularly updated will seriously hinder your response rates and the cost-effectiveness of any campaign.
  • How is the data sourced?
    A supplier should never be seen to hide or distort the source of a database. If you find their answers to be evasive of vague we suggest you cease all conversations right away. Spending your budget on a totally unknown entity and unqualified database is a gamble no business should be taking in this day and age.
  • Are you registered with the Information Commissioner?
    All UK list owners and managers must go through the process of notification and registration to the Information Commissioner with the declaration that all data will be maintained and sourced fairly and lawfully.
  • Are you registered with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in the UK?
    The DMA is Europe’s largest marketing association it purpose is to protect and develop the UK Dm industry as a whole. All DMA members must adhere to strict guidelines that all list providers must adhere to a strict code of practice.
  • Do you have deliverability guarantees?
    Deliverability guarantees are common practice with most data providers they can often be a good measure of the confidence a provider has in their own data!

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