Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Targets located now offer a full lead generation service. Our inhouse call centre located within our Liverpool office is currently producing leads and appointments across a number of industry sectors.

Using the experience we have gained over the past 8 years within the direct marketing industry we feel we are better placed than most to offer our clients a cost effective lead generation service.

Our well equipped 32 seat call centre gives our clients a flexible solution and has the capacity to contact thousands of businesses and consumers every week utilizing the support of our data team to ensure each campaign is a success.

Qualified sales leads can often be the lifeblood for many organisations, Targets Located pride itself on understanding our clients requirements and excelling in all areas of delivery.

8 Years ago we started on our quest to offer a fresh approach to the list rental market, since then we have gone from strength to strength and offered our clients new and innovative ways to market there business to potential customers. This work has now given us significant advantage over other lead providers as we have an in depth knowledge into what data works for a multitude of industries.

Join us on our newest challenge as we continue to offer the UK lead generation market a competitive alternative service with full transparency and integrity.

Our current campaigns currently cover:

Life Insurance

Debt Management


New Car Test Drive

Motability Test Drives

Pension Assessments

White Goods Insurance

Solar Products

Please contact us on 0845 365 1878 for further information and pricing.

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5 Questions you need to ask your list provider!

We have all been there. Approached form a source via linked-in that wants to sell a full database of 100 million records for £65 (inclusive of VAT of course!!) Ok so I may have exaggerated slightly but there are some key questions any data buyer can ask to try and weed out the unscrupulous data sharks that blight some corners of our industry!


  • How often is the data updated?
    Business and consumer data degradation happens at an alarming rate our own findings have shown that as much as 40% of contact information becomes un-contactable in a 12 month period. Contacting a list that hasn’t been regularly updated will seriously hinder your response rates and the cost-effectiveness of any campaign.
  • How is the data sourced?
    A supplier should never be seen to hide or distort the source of a database. If you find their answers to be evasive of vague we suggest you cease all conversations right away. Spending your budget on a totally unknown entity and unqualified database is a gamble no business should be taking in this day and age.
  • Are you registered with the Information Commissioner?
    All UK list owners and managers must go through the process of notification and registration to the Information Commissioner with the declaration that all data will be maintained and sourced fairly and lawfully.
  • Are you registered with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in the UK?
    The DMA is Europe’s largest marketing association it purpose is to protect and develop the UK Dm industry as a whole. All DMA members must adhere to strict guidelines that all list providers must adhere to a strict code of practice.
  • Do you have deliverability guarantees?
    Deliverability guarantees are common practice with most data providers they can often be a good measure of the confidence a provider has in their own data!
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Buying a Database based on Price!

We are all acutely aware that everything has a cost. The majority of items available to buy in the western world are based on the costs incurred to produce such goods.

Marketing lists are exactly the same! Every list owner and the majority of list brokers will know clean, accurate data costs money to produce and maintain.

With base costs for the majority of the recognized suppression tools the same for most list owners and brokers accurate databases cannot be traded for much below market rate.

The regularly coined phrase of “if its to good to be true, then it usually is” has never been more relevant than in today’s market place. We regularly receive offers from ‘List Owners’ offering HUGE databases at TINY prices. Fortunately we are fully aware that no credible accurate database can be sold for these ludicrous rates and understand the cycle a marketing list would need to go through to be worth so little.

Only list brokers can sell databases for a lower cost than the royalties paid to clean it, they do this by simply NOT CLEANING THE LIST! Once they have purchased a database on behalf of a client the temptation to sell it again and again and again is simply to much. With no investment being made into the TLC there is no telling how incorrect the information could be!

As most marketers are aware the real cost of any direct marketing campaign wont be the purchase of a database but the time and money invested in your telemarketing team, direct mail piece or sales force employed to generate profit from the list.

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Tony The Fridge

Wow what a week at Targets Located some fantastic email data marketing campaigns being structured and the online marketing list ordering system has been in overdrive!

But there is only one thing that has totally consumed the past two weeks and has been all anyone has spoken about at the coffee machine Tony the Fridge!

As you can imagine local and national press have been extremely interested in hearing Tonys story. The BBC Look North programme were first to offer their help with fundraising. Since then Tony has appeared on Metro Radio and spoken to numerous journalists from The South Shields gazette and journal live.

Special thanks though must go to Cool Check Refrigeration who not only provided the fridge for the run but donated a generous £500!

Below are the links to some of the news outlets that have really taken an interest in Tony’s unbelievable attempt!

We would just like to wish Tony the best of luck and ask you to keep an eye out for his interview with Jonathan Edwards at the start line!



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How Clean Is Yours


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Business to Business Marketing List


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How Big Is Yours…


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Specialist Marketing Lists or Transactional Data


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Probably not the best time to socially network!


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Never before seen Beatles images


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